Jon Vezner has an App for That

Another video for your viewing pleasure:

Jon actually sent me this video himself a couple of days ago, and I found it clever and entertaining in a “novelty song” sorta way. But after reading this account in Music Row magazine, I think I’m even more intrigued with the the time, effort — and, no doubt, expense — that went into this particular effort.  Seems there were quite a few hands on this particular project:

The music video, created by filmmaker Louise Woehrie of Whirlygig Productions is inspired by Vezner’s wry humor and deadpan persona. Using a traveling minstrel theme, Woehrie joined forces with co-director/editor Chip Johnson and graphic designer Casey Burres to bring the tale to life as Vezner dons his troubador hat to comment and commiserate with fellow app addicts about life on the cutting tech trail.

I wonder what the budget was, and how it fits into a larger marketing plan.  I mean, where’s the “email for a download” function that would build Jon’s fan base (it’s not on his website) ?

I mean, it’s very clever, but it also seems to to exist in something of a vacuum, marketing wise.   What’s the plan, Jon?  How is this building your audience?  I’m sure there’s a method to your madness, clue me in?

Oh, and if you’re viewing the video on your computer, blow it up to full screen – the HD quality holds up VERY nicely.

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