Paul Schatzkin

Autum In The Ozarks – Greer’s Ferry Lake, Arkansas

Cohesion Arts founder Paul Schatzkin has been described variously as a visionary, gadfly, serial entrepreneur, staunch McLuhanist, author, occasional bomb-thrower, guitarist and songwriter.  He was born in New York City and raised in Springsteen Country (Monmouth County, NJ) His  first good guitar was a 1966 Gibson J-50, which qualifies him as “a middle-aged rock-n-roller” — i.e. somebody who plays a vintage guitar that they bought brand new.  Graduated from Antioch College, 1973.  Nominated for an Emmy award for video-tape editing the “Barney Miller” show in 1978.  Spent the ’80s taking tourists sailing and snorkeling out of Lahaina, Maui.  Arrived in Nashville in 1994 (after the Northridge earthquake in LA) and found work as a tour guide on the Nashville trolley, singing country standards on a route from Riverfront Park to Music Row.  Started selling CDs on the internet for independent musicians in 1995 from the domain “;”  Sold that business to Gaylord Entertainment  in 1999 (before the bubble burst).  Worked for Gaylord until they blew up their digital division a year later (after the bubble burst).  Spent the “aughts” writing biographies of obscure 20th century scientists.  Returned to the business in 2010 with a management company called Cohesion Arts – “fostering a new troubadour tradition in the era of the celestial jukebox.”


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