Nashville – August 21, 2017 1:27PM
“Darkness At The Edge of Noon”

I was rather ambivalent at first about the Big Eclipse.  At least, from the standpoint of a photographer – because I was pretty sure that everybody in the path of the moon’s shadow would have some kind of camera turned toward it, and there would be roughly 357 bajillion trillion photos of the eclipse posted on the Internet within minutes of the totality.  What could I possibly add to that?

But as the date approached, I started to get an idea: rather than aiming a well-filtered camera at the sun itself, I was curious what effect the darkness would have on the Nashville skyline.

So I staked out a location at an overpass just north of town, put one of my cameras (Olympus OMDs) on a tripod to record a time lapse, and left the other to maybe shoot the corona once the totality began.  I mean, OK, why not 357 bajillion trillion plus one?

So much for my "once in a lifetime" experience...

So much for my “once in a lifetime” experience…

Well, that plan got thwarted.  While most of Nashville and the surrounding area was blessed with relatively clear skies, at the spot where I was set up, the eclipse was itself eclipsed, by clouds.  This photo was taken about 2 minutes before the “2nd contact” (beginning of totality), and shortly after, the cloud closed in completely.

But once the darkness descended at 1:27PM, I picked up camera number two and started shooting toward the skyline.

I had noticed that the way I’d set up the time-lapse, with a constant exposure value, once the darkness started settling in, the manually set exposures went pretty much completely black.  So with the second camera, I exposed for the diminished light, and the result is the photo at the top of this post.

And here’s the time-lapse.  It just gets dark…

Chasing The Light – UK 2017
Opening August 5 at The Arcade

Hello, friends…

It’s been a while, I know.  But (among other things) I’ve been traveling…

Last month I returned from spending three weeks in England and Wales “chasing the light in the Celtic latitudes” – during that time of year  just before the summer solstice, when the light that cinematographers call “Golden Time” lasts for nearly three hours.

I have hundreds of new photos to share with you: photos of ruins as well photos of living, medieval cathedrals and churches. And stories. So many stories about the places I visited and the things I saw.

So my main reason for writing today is to invite you to the first showing of this new work during the Downtown Art Crawl on Saturday, August 5 at the Erabellum Gallery 2nd floor of the Arcade. The Crawl runs from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.

To tempt you to come out and see what’s new, I’m attaching two digital files to this missive you can use as “wall paper” on your smartphone or computer:


The smaller, “vertical” file is from a medieval church in Yorkshire called Beverly Minster. It makes a great lock-screen wallpaper for your smart phone. The larger, “horizontal” file is the fan vaulting in the cloister of Gloucester Cathedral, where several scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed. That one makes a great wallpaper for your desk-or-laptop.

Those are not the actual files, those are just thumbnails I’m putting in this message. To download the actual files, click here. That will take you to a .zip in my Dropbox. Download the file and double-click on it, that will open the actual files. Then move them to wherever you keep your wallpapers.

There will be much more to show-and-tell at the Crawl. Please come by and say hello…