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Prohibited Photo! Kinky Boots!

They made a big deal before the opening curtain about no photography, and I complied… right until the very end.

I can only hope that this one stolen photo conveys what a great show this is, in so many ways. I’d seen the movie years ago (would you believe on my iPhone, when that was a novel thing to do?), and so had forgotten the story altogether.

The music… the performances… the story… all outstanding.

And, best of all, unlike “The Book of Mormon,” you can actually get tickets for Kinky Boots…

Grand finale, everybody wearing their Kinky Boots. #broadway #newyork #GREATshow!

Everything Is “Social” Now

“Social” media in the real world?

After driving around for nearly an hour trying to find a decent burgers-and-beer bar/tavern in Stamford, CT, we finally settled on this place:

This was on the heels of having dinner at a new joint in Nashville called “Pinewood Social.”
The food was good, but I don’t know if any burger is worth $17.
– – – – – – –
In an apparent continuation in a the #trend of #trendiness, we have found another restaurant called “social” #trendy #$17burger #digest

When Traveling…

…timing is everything.

We were in Darien, Connecticut.  After running an errand, we were looking for something to do… found a link to the historic Bates-Scofield House and museum and thought that might be an interesting way to while a way some time.

Until we got there and found this:

…and you are here on Friday #timingiseverything #digest

Something rather like this happened when we were in Scotland

Welcome to New England February 19, 2014 at 02:24PM

Ann and I will be spending the week of Feb 19-25 in the New York City area.  We’re going up primarily for the wedding of my niece, my sister’s daughter Emily.

I’m not particularly keen on the idea of going anywhere north of the Mason Dixon line this time of year…

We have arrived at our (first) destination. This is why I don’t live “back east” any more, or travel north of the Mason-Dixon Line between Thanksgiving and Easter. #snowmageddon #winter2014 #thisisridiculous #onlyforfamily