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It Ran When I Parked It #1

“It Ran When I Parked It” is a title looking for a subject… well, OK, there are probably lots of subjects.  Any vehicle that stands abandoned the last place it was parked is a potential subject.

And there are literally thousands of subjects at a place in northern Georgia called “Old Car City.”  It’s a junk yard on steroids: 35 acres of rusted hulks, supposedly more than 4,000 of them.

Most of the wrecks are from the 1970s ad 80s, and are really not very interesting visually.  But then there are also hundreds of models from the 1930s through the 1950s, and they do offer all kinds of interesting photo opportunities.

I spent the better part of two days at Old Car City a few weeks ago, and I’ll be posting the first batch of photos from that expedition over the next week or two.

And there will be more after that, because I’m going back down there tomorrow…

These Winter Sunsets…

…never get old.

I’ve been making a point, as much as possible, over the past few weeks to get my ass home in time to watch the sun set from the screened-in porch (aka “The Treehouse”) at the back of our house.

There is something about these winter sunsets… if there are a few clouds in the sky for the retreating light to bounce off of, filtered through the bare tree limbs in our back yard…

These sunsets are one for the reasons I’ve stayed put.  They’re one of the reasons – a big reason – why we remodeled this house instead of finding a new one.  I don’t know if this view could be replicated at any price.  And certainly not in the over-priced environs of California Norte.