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At long last, the return of covered parking…

… as the Apple store in Green Hills has finally re-opened after being closed for almost 8 months for an extensive remodeling.

I had to work at the store in Cool Springs that entire time, driving an extra 15-20 minutes each way 4 or 5 (mostly 5 – so much for “part time”) and then leaving my car outside in the hot sun and weather.  I know, “first world problems.”

The Green Hills store reopened at the end of September.  It’s a whole new experience.  Y’all c’mon down and buy some gizmos.

Beth: It’s All About The Hat

After a too-long hiatus from that sort of thing, I did a model/portrait shoot a couple of weeks ago with the effervescent @BethLeannGobble. She first caught my eye when I noticed her at a gathering where she was wearing this hat. I liked the way it framed her face and managed to muster the gumption to ask her i I could photograph her. Conveniently, she needed some photos as much as I needed to shoot some, so it was a perfect “TFP” situation. Beth was great to work with and we got some cool shots, mostly using the natural light around her home in East Nashville. .