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(Solstice) Seasons Greetings

Yeah, I know, about a week late, but it’s still the “Solstice Season,” right?

I’m still grinding away on the photos from Scotland… I got sidetracked for about a week in order to put together a calendar to give out as Christmas gifts.  Unfortunately Costco botched the printing so they had to be done over again so, no gifts for Christmas.  Well, none for anybody but Ann…

We did manage to get a “Holiday eNewsletter” together though.  It was Ann’s idea, and though it took the better part of Sunday to cobble together (with Populr), it turned out well enough and people seem to like it.  Just click the image here to see for yourself:

I stole it from The Google Images.

I stole it from The Google Images.

If Things Look A Little Different Around Here…

…first of all, noticing that would mean you have actually been here before, and for that I thank you – and now must ask for your forbearance.

CohesionArts-logo_stamp1-400As of mid-December 2012, I am in the process of migrating and consolidating all the stuff I have scattered around the web to put it, essentially, in one place.

This site is a re-constitution of the earlier site that lived on a different server, and will suffice while I bang heads with my web development team (it always sounds so impressive when you say that, even when it’s just one guy….) to come up with something a little newer and more original.

My books… my (and Ann’s) photography (and one day perhaps her yoga instruction), all the stuff I’ve written about the evolving music industry over the years (and who knows, maybe, someday… some actual music!  What a concept!)… I’m going to gather it all under the singular heading of “”

When I first came up with that name about two years ago, I had something entirely different in mind, but… well… the universe seems to be telling me “that ain’t it, either.” The Universe has been saying that to me a lot lately.  Maybe I should just listen to my wife?

And even though it makes not a whole lot of sense, I’m going to stick with that medieval troubadour as the logo for the time being. There’s just… something I like about that guy.

So I’m going to start putting all this stuff together under one “umbrella” and see if I can figure out just what it is…



Scotland, Day 1: Edinburgh

After several months of not doing much with it, I’ve been giving some thought to what I’m going to do with this domain/website in the future (if anything)

This might be one indication.

Ann and I spent the first two weeks of October in Scotland.  We brought back so many photos that its already taken two weeks to get through the first day.  So here ya go:

The whole thing only takes about three minutes.  And it’s all in HD, so by all means, click the arrows and blow it up to “full screen.”

A Short History of… My Family

This has absolutely nothing to do with music, culture, politics, or technology.  It is a short video that my “little sister” has compiled from family photographs and a memoir that my mother wrote in the years before she died (2002).  I share it here because… well, because I can: