Author - Paul S

These Winter Sunsets…

These winter sunsets never get old. @NashvilleTN

…never get old.

I’ve been making a point, as much as possible, over the past few weeks to get my ass home in time to watch the sun set from the screened-in porch (aka “The Treehouse”) at the back of our house.

There is something about these winter sunsets… if there are a few clouds in the sky for the retreating light to bounce off of, filtered through the bare tree limbs in our back yard…

These sunsets are one for the reasons I’ve stayed put.  They’re one of the reasons – a big reason – why we remodeled this house instead of finding a new one.  I don’t know if this view could be replicated at any price.  And certainly not in the over-priced environs of California Norte.



The daffodils came out early this year.  Or so it seems… maybe they always seem to come up early.

It just seems a bit strange to see such a vivid sign of the coming spring so early in the middle of the winter.

The woman who comes to clean my house every other week took it upon herself to cut some of the flowers and leave them on my kitchen counter.

I wrapped them in a black drop cloth and made this photo (with my iPhone 7) which serves as the ‘cover photo’ on my Facebook page for the time being.

I was afraid I’d missed the boat…

I was afraid I'd missed the boat when I waited until AFTER the World Series to finally order a @Cubs cap. But so far three people at this Starbucks have commented on the Cubs, an nobody's said nothin' about... that other subject. I'm grateful there is

…when I waited until  after the World Series to get myself a Cubs cap.

I’ve been wearing it ever since, and it has provoked endless greetings of “Go Cubs!” wherever I go.

And it’s a walking illustration of my default answer to the question, “How are you?”

“How about those Cubs?”