Hello… What’s This?

My business card says:

My name is Paul

My name is Paul

Paul Schatzkin
Writer, Photographer, Musician – Artist…*

…and when you follow the asterisk to the bottom, there’s a note that says:

*…and I’m going to keep telling that lie until it comes true.

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…that said, here’s a bit of soundtrack to go along with the rest of this page:

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OK, pull up a chair.  Let’s start here:

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 6.16.42 PM

It’s called “Cohesion Arts” because this is, hopefully, where the myriad disparate influences that divert and challenge our attention on a daily basis come together and begin to make some semblance of sense of our frantic, accelerating world.  For me, at any rate, if not for you….

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Need more convincing? 

I monitor a very eclectic mix of news and information sources, and those that follow me in the social media channels often tell me how much they appreciate the odd gems I come up with and/or the things that I have to say about them.

Who am I to warrant even a modicum of your attention?

Well, for starters, I am somebody who can use the word “modicum” in a sentence.

Beyond that, I have been online and participating in the digital transition for more than 30 years. I was on the Internet before it was the Internet – before it was AOL, before it was Compuserve, when it was just “The Source.

In a former life, I was Jimmy Bufett.

In a former life, I was Jimmy Bufett.

I moved to Nashville, TN in 1994 (from Maui, Hawaii, would you believe?) “to see if there was anything I could do in the music business.”  That turned out to be starting Nashville’s first* real Internet music business – in 1995.  I sold that enterprise – we had the domain “songs.com” – in the fall of 1999, which good fortune has afforded me the luxury of holding forth from the edges of reality ever since.

I have always been interested in “the periphery” – and how new things find their way from the edges into the mainstream.

That interest in the evolutionary fringes has led me to write  about the evolution of technology in two “biographies of obscure 20th century scientists.”  The first was a biography  of Philo T. Farnsworth, the man who invented television.  I wrote another book about the guy who discovered antigravity, but that turned into a bottomless rabbit holewith no rabbit. The unfinished manuscript is available as an eBook – if military-intelligence-UFO conspiracy theories is your sorta thing.

I have a curious blend of perspectives: As a writer I tend see the world through a conflicted,  jaded, jaundiced – some might even say downright cynical** – matrix of irony.

But I am also a photographer;  and with a camera what I’m mostly looking for is…. well…. beauty – which I try to find in odd places (like ruined medieval castles and abbeys).

Once a week, I survey all that I have seen and/or written and distill it into a weekly digest, which is the e-newsletter that you will be subscribing to here – an e-missive that shows up in your inbox on mid-day Wednesdays depending on your time zone.

Expect to find roughly seven items in each edition.   Among these, I’ll be sharing  my best photos from the week. Assuming I can be modestly prolific, you’ll find a link to a ~1,200 word essay (The Weekly Screed) that attempts to shed light on some contemporary marvel that warrants a deeper dissertation than the typical Facebook post-and-comment. And sometimes you’ll get turned on to some music that might not otherwise have shown up on your radar.

I guarantee you’ll see at least one thing that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise – whether it’s the piece I wrote that week, one of my photos, or a link to something exciting and/or disturbing.

How many people do you know who have written a book about anti-gravity research?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to read the book.  You just have to know that you’re getting a weekly e-mail from the guy who wrote it.  Then sit back and see what else is showing up on his radar that might afford you some useful insight into what’s really going on in this crazy world…

My fundamental belief is that we are (at best) in the middle of an epochal transition in human history.  Like the children of ancient Israel, we have been cast out of the bondage of analog Egypt and now we’re wandering the desert in search of the digital Promised Land. It must be around here somewhere…

Subscribe to my weekly digest, and maybe we can find it together, But please, leave your golden calf at home.  We deal only with electrons and digits around here…

– – – – – – –

*at least, that’s what I’ve been telling people, and I’m going to keep saying it until somebody tells me otherwise, in which case I’ll just be adding the words “one of” in front of “the first.” Remember, it was nineteen-ninety-FIVE.

**some might say “cynical,” but that’s just a coping mechanism… for me, I mean.

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