The View from the Zafu

The View from the Zafu

So, since the… umm… Great Reckoning… one of the things I’ve done is clear out the space at the back of the house that we used to call “The Consuhvatorah” (think Burl Ives in “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”) and am now using as a “studio.”  ‘Ex’ got all the furniture, I got an empty space with a view. I pulled the carpet and replaced it with hardwood, and the only “furniture” is a circular area rug and a zafu/zabuton combination.  I sit on those cushions and play my old Gibson guitar (1966 J-50 – a vintage guitar that I bought brand new), and noticed my reflection in the late-afternoon sun yesterday so grabbed this “selfie.”

I am also going to use the space as a photo studio so that I can start practicing portraiture.  The big picture window is perfect for natural light, and yesterday I had curtains installed so I can control the lighting even more.  Anybody need a headshot or portrait? 


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