The Cloister at Melrose Abbey

I’ve been submitting some photos recently to a Facebook page called Scotland From The Roadside, which is a very active and popular page that features all manner of scenic images form all over Scotland.

I submitted a couple of my landscapes to the page and also to Instagram, so that they would show up here as well.

Then last week I opened my primary photo editor (Lightroom) and it came straight up to this image of Melrose Abbey taken on my trip to the UK in the spring of 2013.

The village of Melrose was my first stop on that trip. I spent three nights in a lovely B&B within walking distance of the town center and the abbey ruin. That afforded me the opportunity to spend a LOT of time in that one location, which explains why I have so many photos of it (only a fraction of which have I shown here or anywhere else).

This angle is looking out of the main church sanctuary into what was in the 14th-to-16th centuries an enclosed quandrangle where the monks could repose themselves for quiet meditation.

Melrose Abbey, from the Nave to the Cloister. May 2013GPS Coordinates 55.5980° N, 2.7310° W
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